Blog vs Vlog: Ultimate Guide 2019

Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide 2019

Blog Vs Vlog is a constant conflict that we get to hear. It is a battle that splits up the internet community. These are two different concepts, however, which have different meanings separately. Here is an article that guides you with the ultimate difference in 2019.

Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide 2019
Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide 2019

A blog is a website that has written events, topics, stories, etc. Whereas, on the contrary, a vlog is quite similar to the blog. But vlog contains videos instead of written portions. Hence, we see a difference between the two quite significantly.

What Are Blogs And Vlogs For?

It is a constant battle that we generally have between the two terms. However, a blog or a vlog is very efficient for individuals, brands and also companies. In order to promote their products or website as a whole. These two aspects are concerned with the promotions and branding of their business or themselves. Meanwhile, a blog or a vlog is at times used for fun or as a means of earning money.

There are, however, different sites where your vlogs can be posted such as YouTube, Facebook and so on. Sites like WordPress, Tumblr are used for posting blogs.

For most of us, this is a source of earning money. And it is considered as one of the best business ways to fill your pockets if you do it correctly.

Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide 2019
Blog vs Vlog – Ultimate Guide 2019

Blog Vs Vlog

Once you are aware of the two terms properly. You will be able to differentiate between the two concepts very clearly. However, they sound the same. But are very different from each other. The blog vs vlog is a confusion that most of us have. And we keep giving our own definition and explanations about them. However, if we take in terms of proper definition. These two words differ a lot. Hence, there is no conflict that remains between the two concepts.

Vlogging – A Brief History

A very common term that has been known to us since the beginning of the 20th century and slowly gained popularity during the year 2004 to 2005. It was basically the foundation year of YouTube which paved a way for many new. During that time people could access the internet service and that was how the YouTube channel mechanism worked. During that time the maintenance of likes and following were common with the help of email marketing. Moreover, it was a tough job yet very entertaining for both the vlogger as well as it’s an eager audience.


Thus, in the above-mentioned article, you must have got to know the various types of vlogging and the basic difference between blog and vlog. Nowadays, vlogging has also become common among mobile users. However, it is true that a blog is a website page that is famous for its written content. A common platform for one and all to share their personal opinions and personal thoughts all online. Nowadays, anyone with a mobile phone can also become a vlogger. The reason for some of them becoming famous is the emergence of mobile phones as a source of entertainment.

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