Soumali New Vlog – There Are Inspiring Message For Beginners

soumali new vlog

The phrase “Soumali New Vlog” may sound strange to you. It is actually a way of advertising on YouTube. Also, it has to do with the classic Malayalam song “Pundar” from the 1970s that goes “Somaal Pundar” and was written by Mani. Hence, the song is known as “Soumali New Vlog” in Malayalam. It’s a way of advertising Malayalam movies, which are a direct hit to the American audiences.

Meaning Of Soumali

Songs by Mani and his comrades from the NFB are popular in US audiences, and thus, they are also classified as Soumali New Vlog. The word “Soumali” means “that which is new” and is an abbreviation of “Subliminal”. The song “Soumali Pundar” has been titled as such, as it contains subliminal messages. It was released on Radio MC in 1991.

About The Song

This is a short song that depicts the suffering of the male ego, which can be displayed through violence towards women. It talks about the status of a man in society, in the sense that he feels humiliated and unwanted.

new vlog
Soumali New Vlog – There Are Inspiring Message For Beginners

Depiction Of The Song

The song says that man should be a “Mr”, while a woman should be a “Mrs”. It goes on to say that the real world exists only to serve men’s needs and demands. Man has the power to know all things and will outsmart his intellectual opponent. However, he also has to acknowledge and accept his limitations and take responsibility for his actions. Furthermore, the song suggests that a man has to wish for things that make him happy. He should not ever be so attached, by having to choose between his children and wife.

Content Encourages Women

The content of the song specifically means to help young women, and encourage them to break away from their father and mother’s domineering attitude. It also advises them to shun bad relationships and be in a position to find a good one.

Sing along with this song if you want to quit your father’s rules and ways. You can even download the original song or buy a video on the internet.

Popular Show Basis

The popular television show ‘Agra Shakti’ is also based on this song. It also plays the role of the bloggers themselves, in reality, on entertainment programs.

Points To Remember

Soumali New Vlogs also performs songs by other artists for the same purpose. While most of the music on YouTube may not have songs by popular artists, they are uploaded by certain record labels who pay for views. Some music makers, being self-made vloggers, may even host their own music videos.

Soumali New Vlog - There Are Inspiring Message For Beginners
Soumali New Vlog – There Are Inspiring Message For Beginners

Watch People Playing Games

Moreover, there are many similar genres that can be found on YouTube. If you are into watching people play computer games, there are many clips of game videos. You can find game clips where the creators are paid to add music. Furthermore, most game clips feature nothing but the gamer playing the game.

Videos Related To Different Topics

Movies and videos about yoga, karate, cooking, photography, racing, and more are available on YouTube. If you are an amateur musician, then the plethora of music videos would be a great help to get you inspired.

Importance Of Sharing Vlog

The importance of YouTube for the marketing of new videos is that you can market it on a video-sharing website. YouTube gives users the opportunity to share their videos with the whole world. It can result in new viewers, and also millions of impressions for video marketing.

So, if you really love your Soumali New Vlog, then don’t forget to share your videos with the rest of the world. The brand you build with your ads can live on forever.

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