Types Of Video Game Personalities

Game Personalities

There are three basic types of Gaming Vloggers. They can be very simple, very complex, or a mix of the two. The following is a description of each type of Video Game Personalities. You should pay attention to these and you can pick the right type of personality for you.

The first basic definition is from Eric Mason who writes for Gamasutra. He refers to a Gamer as a person who is “determined to play video games.” He defines a “wannabe” as someone who wants to be a video game personality but does not have the time or dedication to do so. A “natural” personality would be someone who has grown up with video games.

The second definition is from Anthony Burch who writes for Gamasutra. He says a video game personality is someone who loves video games. He identifies his video personality as being the type of personality that can be fun and engaging.

Mats Van Elderen’s personality is described as wanting to make YouTube videos in which he plays, discusses, and reviews different types of games. The video personalities are unique because they have a unique skill set, says Van Elderen. There are many ways to go about creating a character and it is important to choose the “right” personality for you.

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Types Of Video Game Personalities
Types Of Video Game Personalities

The last of the descriptions is a blogging style. The most common character is the one who is “videoing” as he/she wishes to be known. This character uses the blogging style to describe his/her favorite video games.

Many of the blogs are entertainment blogs and some are business blogs. It is very important to choose the personality that will suit your needs and suit your business as well. The entertainment blogs will keep the gaming vlogger at the forefront of current events while the business blogs can help create a market and help establish a niche.

The other aspect of a video gaming personality is what types of video games they enjoy playing. There are four types of video games that one can choose from. The most popular of these types is the action video game. This includes things like Half-Life, Counter-Strike, Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and a variety of others.

Game Personalities Types

Types of Video Game Personalities
Types of Video Game Personalities

Another type is a fantasy video game. These include things like Lord of the Rings, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, and Dungeons and Dragons. The final type is the sports video game and this includes things like Madden, NBA 2K, and Tiger Woods.

A final personality type is the MMO. An MMO video personality is someone who plays a character and makes videos about it. This means someone who is a Level 55 character in World of Warcraft or the future character from World of Warcraft.

As these examples suggest, there are many types of video games and many types of people who play them. It is important to make a choice about which type of personality will work best for you. If you are going to be using your character in a business or an entertainment blog, you might want to choose the “action” personality if your personality type is the one who likes to make videos about playing video games.


Of course, you can also choose your video personality on the basis of what type of video games you enjoy playing. For example, I love to play Half-Life and Warcraft. My personality type fits this description perfectly.

There are many types of video game personalities and all of them fit a number of different types of people. Make sure that you choose the type of personality that will suit your personality and your goals.

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