Types Of Vlogging Phone Suitable For Your Blog

Vlogging Phone Type

Vlogging phone has become quite popular today, and you will find multiple people presenting themselves on different platforms through their vlogs. Vlogging seems to be easy, but in reality, it is not as it appears to be. You need a perfect camera, microphone, and other accessories to ensure that the video you upload for your viewers is good enough to hold their attraction. Starting from the content, actions to the audio sound and editing – everything needs clarity. In this post, we will focus on vlogging phone types used for vlogging purposes.

Vlogging Phone – External Microphones

The external camera always helps to improve the quality of a video, but it is equally important to choose the right one. In this post, the main focus is the microphone. The single person who is in focus in the video or is narrating the scene always makes use of the one-up microphone. The one-up microphone is of the utmost importance when creating a vlog.

Types Of Vlogging Phone Suitable For Your Blog
Types Of Vlogging Phone Suitable For Your Blog

Do you have a professional sound person accompanied by a pricey shotgun microphone directly attached to the external recorder slot? If not, then the best way to capture audio performances is by using a lavalier microphone. Lavalier system is unobtrusive and highly directional. A little bit of training can help you avoid noises created from breathing and rustling of clothing.

In-camera microphones

In-builtIn-camera camera microphones are lousy. A high-end camera with a quality preamp as well as support for low impedance microphone input is a must. They can undoubtedly record audios, but you will also find a bucket of noises from behind. It makes your video unusable unless you spend days in audio post-production. Using expensive filters can remove unwanted noises. And sometimes, it is not even possible to fix appropriately to get the desired sound quality.

Types Of Vlogging Phone Suitable For Your Blog
Types Of Vlogging Phone Suitable For Your Blog

Vlogging Phone – Lavalier Phone

A Lavalier system is more than a simple microphone. The tiny microphone provides good quality audio. With the tiny lavalier, you cannot get away with a large microphone. The microphone capsule needs to be excellent. A high-quality lavalier sounds fantastic.

The microphone connects with a transmitter that uses radio for broadcasting the signal of the microphone. Usually, also known as bodypack, stuffed into pockets. This phone is the best phone in town by now as it has its own advantages with it.

The receiver and the camera are joined together. The receiver is also sometimes attached to the inputs of the dedicated field recorder. A good receiver should work in both ways. A high-quality system will work with prime impedance inputs as found on most of the video cameras. On the other hand, it will also connect to the low impedance inputs on recorders and high-end cameras.


Lavalier microphone kits are available in an affordable budget. They are the best when it comes to vlogging – the sound system is just excellent and can give a different level to your videos. We hope by now you know what are the things that make the blogging phone as the best ones.

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