Vlogging Examples: To Become A Vlogger

VVlogging tutorial: To Become A Vlogger

Vlogging is fun to do but can be a difficult task when you are lacking ideas. Here are some vlogging examples which you will love to do.

What’s In My Bag Video?

Well, this type of vlog is quite popular among the masses. And it is being done by many beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and celebs. There are some variations that you can add to it. For instance, one can make a video on what’s inside a shopping bag, grocery bag, and even inside a briefcase.

This video tag is an excellent way to add more charm and creativity to your channel.

Vlogging Examples: To Become A Vlogger
Vlogging Examples: To Become A Vlogger

Reveal Your Shopping Haul

Shopping hauls are very popular among the masses. This kind of vlogging only requires you to have some products which you have recently bought and want to show off.

The more items in your haul, the more enjoyable your vlogging will be. Thus, it will make your content more exciting and even increase the sales of the affiliates.

Behind The Scenes Vlogging

Behind the scenes, videos are unique because no one is doing what you are doing. Everyone has their uniqueness, which reflects in these videos. However, when doing vlogging, you can focus on specific points and themes which will interest your viewers.

For instance, many celebrities these days do behind the scenes video of their famous shoots.

Take A Tour

A tour video is an excellent vlog video. Moreover, taking viewers on a tour of a place close to your heart makes them know you better. Further, ensure to point out some unique things of that place.

For instance, a painting made by you during your childhood displayed in the room.

Pranks And Comedy Vlogging

Prank and comedy videos are quite popular among teenagers. Further, people tend to share such videos a lot, which ultimately make the video viral, and you gain more viewers and subscribers.

Lifestyle Vlogging

Lifestyle vlog is giving your viewers a peek inside your life. You are making a video diary of yourself and presenting it before the world to see. Moreover, such vlogging is unscripted and original.

Review And Unboxing Videos

Before buying any new product, people like to see reviews for the same. Moreover, many times, people are just attracted to the packaging. Thus, the unboxing videos help the viewers to see what is inside the package. Further, you must make an honest and informative video for your viewers.

Celebrity Gossips

Celebrity gossips are an exciting video to look for. As people are keen to know about your views on the latest celeb fashion, controversies, and more. Therefore, these vlogs attract a lot of people towards them.

What’s Your Favorite?

A lot of YouTubers make favorites videos because they are easy to do. Further, it is an excellent vlogging idea, since it helps the viewers to know more about you. Moreover, it is very easy to make as you just have to gather some of your favorite items and talk about them.

No matter what kind of vlogging you are doing, be unique and creative in it.

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