Vlogging Light Tips

Great lighting enhances the quality of a video. Poor quality lighting can be distracting for viewers. Amazing video content will fail to attract viewers if the light is not appropriate. Just think about your reaction if you come across a video with poor lighting and dark shabby characters. What would be your first reaction? The focus of the viewers will shift from your content to the darkness, which engrossed your video. With a high-quality vlogging light setup, you can always ensure that viewers who are watching your videos are enjoying themselves.

When you shoot in natural light, it is the cheapest way of the vlogging light source. But if you are working on such a topic where you cannot use the natural lighting source, you need to be highly strategic. Some vlog contents are not possible to shoot outdoors. On the other hand, when shooting indoors switching on all the available lights in the room, you will still end up having a grainy, dark video.

Vlogging Light – 3 Point Lighting Setup

Vlogging Light Tips
Vlogging Light Tips

The basic and the standard technique of lighting a scenario is known as 3 point lighting. Three different lighting sources need to illuminate the scene you are shooting. It is quite common among portrait photographers as well. Moreover, for vlog shooting, this is a great lighting setup.

If you want to master the art of lighting for vlogs, you need some practice and time. It is essential to have the anxiousness and curiosity in yourself for learning new tips and tricks about lighting setup. Below are some lighting tips for aspiring vloggers:

Vlogging Light – DIY Lighting

When you are shooting, literary just anything can serve the purpose of your lighting source. Starting from ordinary candles to the low illuminating LED light bulbs – you can use almost anything that serves your purpose. Just pay attention to the temperature of the light as warmer sources of lightning may highlight yellows and red. It can reduce the realistic feel of the footage.

Lighting Kits

It is the best option considered so far where you can get complete control of the entire light setup on your set. The light intensity is easily adjustable with diffusers, filters, and other accessories used to create a flattering effect on your subjects present in the videos.

Vlogging Light Tips
Vlogging Light Tips


Setup reflectors are quite affordable, and some bloggers even refer to make their reflectors using tinfoil. If the primary light source is harsh on the eyes, a translucent reflector can soften it. Use this reflector to diffuse the primary light.

Focus On The Key Light

If you keep your focus on the key light, it will only bring attention to you instead of anything in the background. You can implement this by mounting something which can cast a shadow onto the Key light for controlling the light hitting zone. You can also use a curtain if utilizing the window for the Key light. Using softbox light implies that the light is focused somewhat already.

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