Vlogging Platforms That Will Make You Rich

Vlogging Platforms

If you’re planning to start a vlog, then choosing the right topic is the essential part. The following article not only describes vlogging in deep but also guides you with best-rated Vlogging Platforms. Yeah, you heard it correct. Picking a topic starts with your surrounding troubles. The problem people face tremendously needs a solution. So, it’s a good idea to give answers to someone’s problem. It may be a society or pleasure topic you are passionate about a particular topic. Let’s start with the basics.

Vlogging Platforms Intro

Vlog, shortened form of a video blog or video log did via a video, as the name suggests. This web television form blends with a video link threaded with images, supporting text, and metadata. You can take single short or divide to cuts into parts. Web syndication advantages allow the user to post a video over the Internet through Atom or RSS format.

It may be a daily practice of recording and sharing videos characterized by an arm’s length.

Vlogging Platforms That Will Make You Rich
Vlogging Platforms That Will Make You Rich


The first video blog, created by NY artist Nelson Sullivan around South Carolina and New York City in the 1980s. On 2nd January 2000, a video blog aimed to inform family and friends of shifting to Los Angeles posted, and it becomes the longest-running vlog in history. Adrain miles in November posted a video that includes text on the image, which later known as “vog.” Even famous musicians and filmmakers Luuk Bouwman run the video diary of the first vlog site.

General vlogging Topics

Related to blog or vlog, the tops mentioned below gets most of the higher level traffic for a long time. Following vlog ranks high


Health (Skin diseases, hair fall, etc.)



Your Passion

These are some of the topics you may start with a beginning. However, the topic that offers immense pleasure grows drastically in the long run. A remedy vlog could be mind-refreshment for a few billion.

Vlogging Platforms Impact

Digital video viewers from 2012-2016 have grown to 700 million (87%). A report reveals that an average spent 26 min/day watching digital videos. Certain video content types cause an increment in viewing habits.

Top 3 Beginner’s Platform

YouTube Vlogging Platforms

The biggest and the best Platform for a vlog. Whenever you wish to watch a video, your finger automatically stops at “YouTube.” It’s the birthplace and the best traffic boosting followed by monetization. The advantages offered are the most extensive library, easy accessibility, reaching more audience, and handling subscribers.


Vlogging Platforms That Will Make You Rich
Vlogging Platforms That Will Make You Rich

Facebook comes at the 2nd position in top vlog lists. It gathers instant attention and used for advertising. Getting into partnership along with someone influences both brand and the influencers thus big audience exposure.

Instagram Live

There is not a single entity on this planet who haven’t clicked a selfie. Yeah, and posted on the third popular Vlogging Platforms, Instagram. By the end of June 2018, around one billion users have registered for short video clips and photography. Outstanding stories and live stream helps in sharing vlogging video to followers followed by likes, comments, and shares.

Experts recommend you to use the “YouTube” platform, especially for beginners.

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