Vlogging Styles: Different Types

Vlogging Styles: Different Types

Vlogging is becoming very popular these days, and there are many vlogging styles to follow.

Different Types Of Vlogging Styles Are:

Interview-Based Vlogging Style

With this vlogging style, both you and your interviewee can benefit from the sharing of your vlog. Further, the video will also help in improving your ranking on search engines. Therefore, it is essential to choose a topic that will excite your audience as well as your interviewee’s audience.

How To Do Something Video

You can create a video on “how to do” topic. You can give guidance to do something through your video. Further, these videos are viral among the masses as they like to learn something new.

Moreover, it is crucial to do a close-up video for this style. For instance, you can create a video on “how to do your nails” or “how to revamp your shoes.” There are many options, choose as per your liking and the interest of your audience.

A Candid Video Prank

A video prank done on your friends and relatives attract a lot of people. Since these videos are fun to watch and involve a lot of sharing. Therefore, these videos tend to become viral.

Documentary Vlogging Style

Shooting a documentary for your blog is an excellent vlogging style. You can create a documentary on how you started vlogging, or in your early life. A travel blog or a food blog can also begin a documentary on your journey to success.

Vlogging Styles: Different Types
Vlogging Styles: Different Types

Cover An Event

If an event is happening and is relevant to your blog, you can capture it live and upload it for your audience. Thus, they can watch it from the comfort of their home – at their convenience. Further, it will help in increasing the views of your video. You may even attract new subscribers, for your vlog.

Comedy-Vlogging Styles

Comedy YouTuber’s are famous for making fun of everyday human problems and characters. Moreover, produce content that makes people laugh. Further, these videos tend to become viral and attract a lot of viewers.

 Jenna Marbles and Ryan Higa are two notable examples of comedy YouTuber’s and they approximately boast 17 million and 20 million subscribers respectively.


Beauty YouTuber’s are well known for their skills in makeup and skincare. Further, these vloggers also set a market for most of the makeup brands in the world.

Vlogging Styles: Different Types
Vlogging Styles: Different Types

Moreover, many beauty YouTubers are self-taught, and people value their views and ideas. Further, their candid opinions also attract viewers. Michelle Phan and Rachel Levin are two famous beauty bloggers with about eight million subscribers each.


Gaming vloggers are becoming popular these days. They create content focused on video games. Further, they also help the viewers to improve their gaming skills and provide them entertainment.

Moreover, gaming bloggers are seen playing a video game and giving commentary for the same.

Technology– Vlogging Styles

These vloggers build their following based on one subject- technology. Further, they create content based on unboxing a gadget and giving reviews for the same.

Moreover, they also have a keen eye for detail and help the viewers to compare different technology.

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